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JASecon is an informal grouping of folks active in the social justice and worker co-op communities.

Our goal is to facilitate communication amongst the activists developing economic alternatives in a variety of arenas.


We aspire to support the San Francisco Bay Area as a model of a truly sustainable and just, grassroots local economy.

We envision many different kinds of economic projects: from urban farms to worker cooperatives, land trusts to community currencies blossoming in the region and working together to create a strong and resilient economy that provides for all while healing the Earth. JAS-mandala003_sm.jpg

We understand the primary importance of economic decentralization, relocalization, democratization, and inclusion of many diverse perspectives, especially voices of those that have been excluded from the mainstream economy.

What is the grassroots economy?

Our interpretation includes but is not limited to - worker cooperatives and their development organizations, cohousing and cooperative housing projects, community credit unions, land trusts, urban community gardens, bicycle kitchens, free clinics, sustainable local investment programs, ridesharing, recycling stores, and community currencies


· Build cross sector relationships between grassroots economic groups

· Build relationships between social, racial and economic justice groups and grassroots economic groups

· Change public consciousness through education and example of the possibilities and practicalities of the grassroots economy

· Encourage networks, institutions, shared resources and training to support the development of grassroots economic projects

Our Work

· Writing articles, analysis and telling stories which we distribute through newsletters, the media and our website

· Hosting events, workshops, panels and movies

· Supporting the work of local, national and global practitioners and visionaries through distribution of their writing and fundraising.

· Connecting the worlds of social, racial and economic justice organizing with those working to build grassroots economic solutions


Due to spamming of our site we no longer allow "anonymous" account creation.

If you wish to contribute to the site please email us. We would love to hear from you.


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The JASeconomy Story, or Why we started a Grassroots Economy Festival.



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