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NoBAWC goes to the USSF Detroit


Grassroots Economy Workshops @ USSF 2010 Detroit

A list of workshops that JASEcon is collaborating on, and other great workshops from Bay Area groups working on grassroots economic solutions.


Worker Cooperatives – a Viable Economic Alternative?


WSF: Another Kind of Economics Is Possible


Copenhagen and the grassroots economy

Cooperation and Human Nature

The New York Times published an article on childhood behavioral studies, among related research, that reveals a more positive and nuanced view of our biological heritage than the Social Darwinist promoted. However the article leaves a lot to be desired in terms of the social significance of these studies. In Cooperation and Human Nature some of the implications of innate altruism are explored.

Mondragon: What relevance for US cooperative development?  

A recent weeklong conference in Sonoma, California – The Economics of Peace – featured a day devoted to lectures and workshops on the cooperatives associated with the Mondragon Cooperative Corporation (MCC). This event marks the third occasion in the last six months where representatives from the MCC, located in the Basque region of Spain, appeared in the US. Previously both Cleveland and Detroit hosted discussions with the MCC. While US developers of worker cooperatives have toured the Mondragon complex since the 80’s, these recent visits are noteworthy as first for the MCC.


Grassroots Festival reviewed by Oakland Local

Just launched Oakland Local - a community online news source - posted today (Oct. 20th) a great review of the Grassroots Festival.

The Economic Revolution Is Already Happening

This is an interview with Gar Alperovitz, author of America Beyond Capitalism. It was conducted by Maria Armoudian, a Commissioner with the City of Los Angeles and Producer and On-Air Host at KPFK radio station. It was posted to AlterNet October 7th.


Towards a Democratic, Cooperative and Caring Economy

There has been a lot of talk lately about how we should reform our economy.

In order to figure out where we want our economy to go, we need to evaluate where we currently are.

Workers Want Their Jobs

A proposal to create a worker cooperative in the Bronx

After a year-long strike was won by workers at the Stell D'oro Bakery in the Bronx, the owners sought their revenge by closing the doors of the factory. Here is a proposal for the community to rally around a proposal for the State to use eminent domain laws to seize the factory for the workers.


Good News from Argentina

Those who have seen The Take, the doc made by Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein about the new co-ops created during the Argentine economic crisis beginning in 2001, may remember the scene with the owner of Zanon ceramics factory. He was an old, pompous twit who had no regard for the people he exploited for years. His property was his by something approaching divine right.  

For almost ten years this large factory, employing over 400 workers, has been fighting for legal recognition. Marie Trigona writes that they have attained their goal and the plant is now securely in the hands of the workers.  

This is a major victory for all the other recuperated enterprises in Argentina that still struggle for legal recognition. On the other hand, Marie reports that the police have evicted workers from a factory that was recently recuperated after the recent financial crisis. Approximately 200 enterprises are currently operating under worker control in Argentina.  

For Marie’s report go to the link.

Mali's Gift Economy

A brief overview of a traditional economy and its social benefits as it confronts globalization. At the end there's a link to a great site with much more information. Learning from the socio-economic practices of people worldwide may be the first step to questioning the dysfunctional aspects of our society.

Mandela Food Co-op is a success.

The newest worker co-op in the Bay Area is in Oakland and the prospects are looking good for both the community and the members of the co-op.

The Unemployed Exchange Association (UXA)

The short history of the local Unemployed Exchange Association (UXA), written 25 years ago by John Curl, author of the forthcoming For All The People (PM Press) provides a snapshot of this grassroots economic revival by focusing on the form it took, over 75 years ago, in the neighborhoods of Oakland.

John's uncovered history, in the spirit of Howard Zinn, resonates with current events and offers inspiration for all of us creating a grassroots economy.

Mondragon, Spain comes to the American mid-west

Worker Co-op developments in Ohio and Wisconsin modeled on the Basque Cooperatives.


Self-Managed Healthcare

Cooperative healthcare schemes have been in the news lately ... here is a survey of real co-op heathcare

Not Just for Profit: a review

Emerging alternatives to the shareholder-centric model of corporate structure


Fair Trade Fair


Review of Curtis White and William Greider

What we call the JASeconomy, the just, alternative and sustainable economy, is an exploration.


Thousands attend Food Security workshop in New York

The Creative Commons discussion

Hour long video with Lawrence Lessig and other luminaries from the world of expanding the digital commons.


From stuff to common wealth

The Ownership Society branded by Bush several years ago has been thoroughly ridiculed by Dean Baker, Co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, in his latest column for the Guardian.


Grassroots Economy and the current crisis of capitalism

It should be clear to all that we are beyond the precipice of a major economic collapse - we are sliding down the slippery slope.

Is there a new "grassroots" economy forming?

It is becoming clearer that a new bottom up social process is underway. In a variety of ways people are seeking more control over their lives.

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